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Treasury Intern



What You Will Do In Your Role

  1. Visit bank counter for bank account opening/closing/maintenance 去银行柜台处理开户/关户/账户维护等事宜
  2. Deal with the Know Your Customer documents  处理银行对企业的尽职调查的文件
  3. Filling for treasury docs and arrange courier delivery  文件的归档,安排材料邮寄等
  4. Treasury special payment supporting docs support and filling  资金管理的特殊付款的支持性文件的准备和文件的归档

The Experience You Will Bring


  1. Finance/Accounting relevant background preferred, not a must 财务/会计相关背景优先,但不是必须
  2. Interested in Treasury function, funding arrangement plans, FX regulation 对财务、资金安排计划、FX条款感兴趣
  3. Properly understands emails, documents in English  能较好理解英文邮件或文件的内容和信息
  4. Good communication skills, easy going with internal/external partners 良好的沟通能力,与公司内外部共事伙伴相处和谐
  5. Knowledge in MS Office, Excel and Word  熟悉办公软件,尤其擅长Excel和Word
  6. Sense of responsibilities, proactive and eager to learn  责任心强,积极主动,好学上进 
  7. Commitment: work at least 3 days per week  承诺:每周至少出勤3天 


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