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R&D Engineer

This job posting is no longer active.


INVISTA Asia Innovation Center is located in the Shanghai International Chemical New Materials Innovation Center (INNOGREEN). The new lab is INVIST’s first R&D center for nylon 6,6 application development in Asia. The new lab will be equipped with state-of-the-art polymer research and development equipment necessary to advance innovation to better meet evolving customer demands across the region. 

What You Will Do In Your Role

  1. Understand and comply with all INVISTA and R&D lab EHS policies and procedures.  理解并遵守INVISTA和研发实验室安全、环保和职业健康政策和程序。 
  2. Learn and practice MBM culture in daily work.  在日常工作中学习和践行MBM 文化。 
  3. Finish on-request R&D project sample preparation work in-time and in high quality by injection molding machine to support R&D project.  安全、及时地使用注塑机制备高质量的R&D项目样品,以支持R&D项目。 
  4. Participate in the compounding formula development work to support the compounding engineer.  参与聚合物复合材料配方开发和设计,支持改性工程师。 
  5. Finish on-request R&D project sample preparation work according to compounding formula in lab TSE in-time and accurately, documents all experiments and test results.  按照测试配方,安全、准确地使用实验室双螺杆挤出机制备R&D项目样品,如实记录实验过程和测试结果。 
  6. Contributes to develop tests, testing procedures(SOP), and apparatus required to achieve experimental results.  根据测试项目编写测试标准操作指南(SOP), 参与开发新型测试方法。 
  7. Be trained, understand, and perform all test methods and procedures of R&D lab, and be capable of finishing tests independently.  学习,理解和能应用R&D实验室所有的分析方法和测试程序,能独立完成样品测试。 
  8. Finish on-request R&D project test works in-time and accurately, record data and report result in the system.  及时准确地对R&D项目样品进行分析和检验,在系统中记录数据和出具测试报告。 
  9. Report any abnormal conditions found during testing process and provide efficient information, assist supervisor to deal with the cases.  及时报告测试过程中的异常情况并提供有效的信息,协助主管处理这些异常情况。 
  10. Schedule the calibration of laboratory instrument, apparatus, or testing devices. Daily check for lab equipment, ensure the good status. Raises maintenance requisitions when needed.  及时安排实验室仪器或设备的校准,每天对实验室设备进行例行检查,确保实验室设备处于良好状态,必要时提出维修申请。 
  11. Set up and maintain chemical management system and help other employee to understand chemical management requirement and usage notes.  建立和维护化学品管理系统,帮助其他员工了解化学品管理要求和使用注意事项。 
  12. Daily maintain enough related safety detecting equipment/instruments and ensure its reliability.   维护和确保足够的安全检测设备/仪器能够正常运行。
  13. Be trained, understand all lab EHS procedures. Have good EHS awareness, knowledge and skills. 学习和理解实验室EHS 程序,具有良好的EHS意识、知识和技能。
  14. Participate lab EHS meeting and EHS self-assessment, take actions to close the EHS finding/recommendation.   参与实验室EHS 会议和EHS 自我评估,完成实验室 EHS发现项。 
  15. Daily management of lab samples, chemicals, and consumptions by correct labeling/classification/storage/treatment, ensure clear and right recording.  做好日常实验室样品,化学试剂,和耗材管理,正确地标记/分类/储存/处置,确保实验室记录清晰准确。
  16. Keep clean and safe working environment of the lab, fulfill the requirements of 5S and EHS of the lab.  保持实验室工作环境的整洁安全,满足实验室5S和EHS的相关要求。 
  17. Follows instructions and performs other duties as may be assigned by supervisor.  按照指示执行主管可能指派的其他职责。

The Experience You Will Bring


  1. Be able to follows all corporate and local EHS procedures, policies and standard practices with a high level of discipline. Have EHS work experience will be a plus.  能够高标准地遵循公司和当地的EHS程序和政策。拥有EHS工作经验更佳。
  2. Strong IP protection sense and be able to keep records according to IP requirements. 拥有很强的IP保护意识,能够根据公司IP保护要求记录和管理文件。 
  3. College diploma in polymer/chemistry or relative with at least 5 years relevant working experience in the testing lab or formula development at the compounding plastics industry.  高分子或化工大专及以上学历,或者至少5年在测试实验室或者工程塑料改性工程的配方开发工作经验。 
  4. Knowledge of polymer properties testing sample preparation and equipment operation, practical operation skills of instrument like GC, DSC, impactor, Tensile etc.  具备聚合物性能测试的样品制备和测试仪器操作的能力,拥有GC、DSC、摆锤冲击仪、万能力学仪等仪器的操作经验。 
  5. Have experiences with the extruder and the injection molding machine.  拥有挤出机和注塑机的动手操作经验。 
  6. Good interpersonal and communication skills; able to work in a team environment; committed to safety and environmental compliance excellence.  良好的人际交往和沟通能力,擅于团队合作,工作中致力于安全和环保合规。
  7. Be willing to accept and embrace the changes/transformations for better value creation and self-actualization.   愿意接受挑战、变革和转型,以更好地创造价值和实现自我。 
  8. Be familiar with computer software including Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), SAP and Minitab experiences will be plus  熟悉计算机软件操作技能,包括微软办公应用程序(Word, Excel, PowerPoint),拥有SAP和Minitab使用经验是加分项。
  9. Basic English reading and communication skills. 具备基本的英语阅读和交流技能。  


This job posting is no longer active.

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