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Sr Technician, Quality


What You Will Do In Your Role

  • 按校准计划完成所有测量仪器的校准工作。 To calibrate or organize calibration of all equipment according to calibration schedule. 
  • 实施测量仪器的测量系统分析(如GR&R分析等)。 To conduct Measuring Systems Analysis e.g. Gauge R&R studies. 
  • 收发并监督管控测量和测试仪器的校准。 To issue and monitor calibrated measuring and test equipment. 
  • 运用计算机系统记录校准资料及报告,召回待检仪器。 To maintain a computerised calibration system for the recording and recall of equipment.
  • 按公司质量体系要求完成内部校准,包括游标卡尺,千分尺,记录仪,检具等。 To survey and calibrate all in-house measuring equipment, i.e. vernier caliper; Micro-meter, recorders, gauges etc. in accordance with the company’s quality system. 
  • 建立测量仪器,检具的维护保养计划并有效实施。Establish and conduct/organize the maintenance for measuring.
  • 每周/每月汇报校准工作情况。 Prepare calibration report weekly/monthly. 
  • 培训新员工。Conduct training to new employees and other equipment users if necessary. 
  • 参与培训,并对劳工道德中的不当行为进行积极汇报。 Participate in trainings, and actively reporting L&E misconduct.

The Experience You Will Bring


  1. 电学/机械相关专业大专及以上学历。Vocational degree or above in electrical or mechanical. 
  1. 3 年以上校准工作经验。>3 years calibration experience required.
  2. 熟悉ISO9001相关要求或具备等同于ISO9001技术规范的其它相关知识。Good aware of ISO9001 or equivalent technical specification. 
  1. 基本英文读写能力。Written and spoken in English.
  2. 会使用Office办公软件,尤其Excel。Be familiar with Microsoft, such as word, excel, power point, Special for excel. 
  3. 良好沟通能力。Good communication skill.

What Will Put You Ahead

  1. 跨国公司工作经验。Preferred in a multinational company. 
  2. 电子行业工作经验。Electronics manufacturing company work experience. 
  1. 为人正直工作积极性强。Be integrity and positive. 
  2. 良好团队精神。Good teamwork. 

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