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Principal Engineer, Electrical & Electronics


What You Will Do In Your Role

[1]Product Proposal Phase

·Review customer requirements.

·Provide preliminary design feasibility review.

·Benchmark competitors’ designs.

·Perform simulation and establish guidelines to mitigate issues such as EMI from interconnect systems

·Generate design proposals in the form of schematics, PCB layout and bill of materials.

·Review and determine feasibility of design solution(s)/proposal(s).

·Request patent opinion from Legal.

·Make models or mock-ups as required.

·Check design against Marketing and/or Customer requirements.

·Present design proposal(s) to Sales, Marketing and/or Customers.

[2]Product Design Phase

·Establish design & development plan.

·Review additional inputs and/or changes in customer requirements.

·Prepare testing needed to verify and validate electrical system design documentation

·Request patent opinion from Legal (if not done in the prior phase).

·Develop empirical and analytical electrical test procedures and specifications.

·Develop and implement test fixtures.

·Design characterization test boards and customer verification boards; work with PCB design houses.

·Perform design verification activities per design & development plan.

·Conduct design FMEA.

·Conduct design reviews to determine feasibility of design and design for manufacturability.

·Confirm design meets Marketing and/or Customer requirements.

·Release final design specifications for tooling and process design & development.

·Establish product reliability/screen test plans with Reliability.

·Review and update design & development plan.

[3]Product / Process Development Phase

·Maintain product drawings and other design output documents; distribute changes per ECR/ECN procedures as required.

·Performempiricalandanalyticaltestingbased onavailable design input requirements.

·Generate evaluation and qualification reports or presentation materials for both internal and customer use.

·Approve or disapprove product deviation requests.

·Submit product for reliability/screen tests.

·Review and update design FMEA.

·Review reliability/screen test results for conformance to product specifications and take action to resolve issues, if any.

·Review engineering verification samples, documents and test reports for customer approval.

·Review product performance status and seek customer’s approval

·Update design & development plan.

[4]Production Phase

·Provide design supports for product modifications and/or extensions.

·Provide design supports for manufacturing process improvements.

·Approve or disapprove product deviation requests.

·Participate in cost reduction activities.

·Respond to customer complaints on design-related issues.

·Maintain and safe-keep project file.

·Apply lessons learnt on new and/or improved designs.


·Provide consultations to Sales and/or Marketing on design-related matters

·Assist Purchasing in new products/vendors qualification.

·Support Quality Department in handling quality claims.

·Support Operations in manufacturing process improvements.

·Provide training for other Product Design engineering personnel or any others as assigned.

·Assist or lead department support and focal point activities when required.

Respond to any other Engineering Work Requests as required.

    The Experience You Will Bring




    ·Bachelor’s degree in electromechanical engineering, automotive engineering or a comparable degree program


    ·PhD or Master’s degree in related education/experience



    Cell Contacting System Interface Solution

    ·8 years of PCB design for compatible interconnect system to link up battery cells and monitor critical parameters such as voltage and temperature

    ·Familiar with battery related architecture such as battery management unit (BMU), cell monitoring units (CMU), analog front end integrated circuits and transformers

    ·Familiar with functional requirements such as string controller unit (SCU) state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH), EMC immunity and how cell balancing works

    ·Clear understanding of full product development process (concept, design, procurement, production, aftermarket, and field support) with knowledge of PCB and FPC fabrication, assembly and test process, in low and mass production environment

    ·Experience with available CAD/CAE tools such as Channel Designer, HFSS, CST, FDTD tools, MoM tools,Sigrity PowerSI, PAKSI-E, Power-grid, Agilent ADS, Agilent PLTS, Cadence tools

    ·Experience correlating simulation results with lab measurements for tester and PCB designs

    ·Experience with designing for functional safety within automotive and energy storage industry (ISO 26262 ASIL D, IEC 61508, ISO 13849)


    High Voltage Battery Pack Design

    ·Strong fundamental in battery pack engineering for automotive or energy storage application

    ·Understanding of electrical, thermal and mechanical characteristics of cells, modules and packs (cell module unit, BMS integration)

    ·Mechanical system integration (e.g cell module unit, cell supervisory circuitry)



    ·In-depth product design engineering knowledge

    ·Creativity & innovation

    ·Design control & management

    ·Problem solving & decision making



    ·Bilingual in English and Chinese


    ·Ability to travel both internationally and domestically

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