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Leader, Warehouse


What You Will Do In Your Role

  1. Responsible for receiving and checking incoming goods, and registering in data system.负责进料点收及登帐作业。
  2. Responsible for issuing raw materials based on ‘First in, First out‘ and blending materials,checking inventory regularly and managing inventory based on rules and regulatory.负责发料及配料作业;负责材料仓储管理。
  3. Managing inventory based on lot no. Management.负责按规定将相关产品及物料纳入批号管理。
  4. Warehouse team management, training; to support business growth.仓库人员的管理、培训,满足公司业务发展需要。
  5. Update the incoming materials, rejected materials, inventory and customer’s goods delivery information into system.对仓储进退料、外发原料、盘点数据以及客户成品发货等数据信息输入系统进行维护。
  6. Prepare and update the documents for warehouse.编写与更新仓库相关文件。
  7. Provide and prepare the delivering bill, and discuss with department manager on creating new files, then release and implement.交货单的提供编写,因仓库工作需求并会同部门经理讨论 并创建新文件,发行并运用执行。
  8. Maintain warehouse 5S; responsible for EHS and safety; make sure warehouse in good order, meet GMP requirements.仓库5S和EHS管理,确保仓库安全有序开展工作,满足GMP的要求。
  9. Warehouse rack planning, maintenance; warehouse equipment maintenance, make sure in good condition.仓库货架规划和管理,仓库设备和资产的管理和维护,确保设备和货架状况良好。
  10. Human resource management, store keeper training.仓库人员/资源的管控,人员的培训。
  11. Coordinate & communicate with cross functions, to support production running smoothly.跨部门沟通和协调,确保产线顺利生产。
  12. Company culture practice promotion.企业文化的执行和推广
  13. Other duties as assigned. 主管安排的其他工作。

    The Experience You Will Bring


    1. College degree or above.大专上学历。
    2. 5 years work experience in warehouse management. 5年以上仓库工作经验。
    3. SAP experience.SAP运用经验。
    4. Safety first and practice安全至上的实践经验。
    5. Drive the forklift with qualified forklift certificate and manage the hazardous chemicals.持证驾驶叉车和保管危险化学品。
    6. Focus Details.专注细节。
    7. Hands on.动手实践。

    What Will Put You Ahead

    1. EHS associate certificates.具有EHS的相关知识和技能。
    2. Molding/Assembly and medical industrial work experience.有注塑、装配以及医疗器械行业相关工作经验者优先。
    3. Multinational/International company logistic/warehouse work experience.有跨国企业物流和仓库管理经验者优先。
    4. Start up companies logistic/warehouse work experience.新建工厂物流和仓管相关工作经验。   


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