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Sr Engineer, Mechanical Design



研發 I/O 連接器使用的 EMI 金屬遮罩 及散熱方案. 

Responsible for the design and development EMI cage and thermal solution for IO connectors. 


1. 與國際團隊協作,了解項目需求,提供符合產品規範之設計方案。 2. 建立或修改以提供準確的產品3D模型,圖面及BOM。 3. 提供必要之機構設計分析,模擬文件及測試,試做報告以減少設計錯誤。 4. 對產品做機械量測,測試,以確保產品性能符合需求。 5. 協助工程團隊完成相關指派任務。 6. 依產品開發流程管理工程進度,與開發團隊協作以使產品按時出貨完成客戶要求。 7. 協助業務及產品經理與客戶工程單位溝通以解決客戶問題。 

1. Work with global team to understand requirement. Provide design solutions. 2. Create/modify 3D models, drawings and BOMs. 3. Perform mechanical design analysis, simulation, testing reports and eliminate design mistake. 4. Perform measurement, testing on products to ensure the product performance. 5. Perform other related assignment. 6. Follow product development process, cooperate with cross functional team and ensure time to market. 7. Support sales, marketing to communicate with customer to solve engineering issues. 

EDUCATION Required: 工程相關學系學士或以上 Bachelor's degree or above in Engineering Preferred: 機械工程系, 模具設計系 Mechanical Engineering, Molds and Dies Design Engineering. 

WORK RELATED EXPERIENCE: Required:至少完成2 個案子從設計到量產. 能獨立完成設計案. 具三年以上設計經驗優先考慮 , 但有申請專利的設計能力不在此限 Complete 2 projects from design to mass production at least. Can handle design work independently. Above 3 years in product design is preferred. With ability to file patent is not subject to 3 years’ limit. Preferred: 連接器, 筆記型電腦, 板金件, 導光柱設計, 散熱模組設計經驗. Design experience with connectors, notebooks, sheet metal products, light pipes, thermal solutions. 

SKILLS Required: 

1. 2nd Language: English. Be able to join global meeting in English. 能參加英語會議進行工作上溝通。 2. 3D /2D CAD skills: NX (preferred), Creo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD etc... 3. Drawing skills: Perform GD&T. 4. Design skills: Tolerance analysis, DFMEA. DFM, Experience with finite element analysis. 5. Knowledge in molding, stamping, PCB, plating, assembly process, product development process. 

OTHER: 須配合海外出差 (無COV-19疫情狀況時) International travel will be required (Without COV-19 epidemic)

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