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Engineer, Sourcing

This job posting is no longer active.


What You Will Do In Your Role

  1. Source, select, and qualify a variety of material used in new project development period and production period.在新项目开发阶段和生产阶段,开发并选择合适的供应商,且对供应商进行认证。
  2. Be responsible for direct material sourcing.负责直接材料询价。
  3. Work closely with Engineers in Engineering Department, develop alternate material suppliers, reducing cost and improving quality and reliability. 与工程技术部的工程师紧密合作,开发可替代供应商,持续降低成本,提高产品质量和稳定性。
  4. Handles a high volume of purchasing activities associated with the position interacting with multiple suppliers. Needs understanding of the manufacturing environment showing the capability of identifying production critical situations, handling tight schedules, communicating clearly and setting priorities so as not to stop production.根据项目和生产进度需求,负责采购多种物料;并能应对紧急突发生产情况,根据生产计划和物料库存确定采购次序,确保生产正常进行。
  5. Control purchasing process, ensure choose and assess qualified supplier.负责采购过程控制,确保选择、评估和使用合格供应商。
  6. Set up supplier information and reservation.负责供应商资料的建立和保存。
  7. Assist quality department to solve quality issues, and facilitate the supplier on CAPA.协助质量部门与供应商协调质量问题,协助质量部门执行供应商纠正预防措施。
  8. Provides Engineering, Manufacturing and Corporate daily purchasing support using the purchasing module, including review of electronic and written requisitions to issue purchase orders.提供工程,制造和公司的日常采购支持,包括审核批准的电子和书面版本的采购订单。
  9. Communication with relevant departments to meet their sourcing requirements .与各相关部门沟通,以满足他们的采购需求。
  10. Provides tracking, record retention and metrics reporting for all category one suppliers. Conducts regular supplier assessments.跟踪所有主要供应商,保存记录和评估报告,定期进行供应商审核。
  11. Supplier relationship management. Manage supplier to meet company business growth requirements and aim for long term partnership, through continuous improvement from different portions, quality, cost and delivery. 供应商关系的管理,从质量,成本,交期等各方面,让供应商持续改善满足公司业务发展的要求,并且成为公司的长期合作伙伴。
  12. Other duties as assigned.主管安排的其他工作。


The Experience You Will Bring


  1. Bachelor degree or above. 大学本科及以上学历。
  2. Minimum 5 years working experiences. 具有五年以上的工作经验。
  3. Integrity and compliance. 诚实廉洁,遵纪守法。
  4. Good English and well communication skill. 良好的英语和沟通技能。
  5. Good computer skills, excellent Excel, PowerPoint. 良好的办公软件技能,出色的Excel和ppt制作能力。
  6. Able undertake unformed kinds of pressure and additional workload to meet expectation satisfaction. 能承受各种压力和额外的工作量,以达到预期的满意度。


What Will Put You Ahead

  1. Chemistry, or business associated degree. 化学及商科等相关专业。
  2. Multinational companies working experience. 跨国公司工作经验。   
  3. Plastic Molding industrial, Medical industrial, Engineering background.塑料成型行业、医疗器械行业和工程技术背景。   


This job posting is no longer active.

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