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Sales Manager - GP Harmon Recycling Products

This job posting is no longer active.


What You Will Do In Your Role

1.Develop sales/marketing outlets for GP Recycling’s USA Exports of recycling commodities (metals, plastic, paper).

2.Identify and analyze new business opportunities in China and Southeast Asia.

3.Active participation in forecasting and execution of sales plan.

4.Use economic analysis and critical thinking skills to identify and cultivate customer leads; seek out subjective value drivers for potential new customers; create and effectively present sales and marketing strategies to prospective customers.

5.Ensure proper procedures for onboarding new customers are followed, according to GP MBM® philosophy and compliance standards.

6.Establish and maintain strong customer relationships that create long term value for GP Recycling; provide excellent customer focus to result in client satisfaction.Seek both preferred partners and trading partners, identify mutual benefit opportunities.

7.Develop, expand and retain profitable accounts; maintain a sense of urgency to capture opportunities in a volatile trading market.

8.Demonstrate strong desire to seek and share knowledge and actively willing to develop business solutions for potential customers.

9.Maintain a strong a positive attitude and be self-motivated to succeed.

10.Provide innovative ideas from creation to implementation.

11.Conduct all affairs with integrity and exhibit courage to speak up and resist unethical or unlawful activities; be held accountable for compliance in daily business practices.

12.Expect to travel at least an estimated 50% of time to visit customers in their home locations.

14.Must educate yourself in all GP Recycling products. Must be willing to collect information regarding the markets of all GP Recycling products and bring forth new business opportunities even if they are not within the scope of your current sales responsibilities.Seek synergy sales opportunities across broader GP product customer base.

The Experience You Will Bring


1. Experience: 3-5 years sales role in recycled commodity sales, emphasis on scrap metals. Knowledge of Asia markets, end uses for products.

2. Education: Business Degree from University. Sales / International Business are good targeted degree areas

3. Passports / Citizenship / Visas – Seeking a good fit for someone with ability to travel across Asia on business Visa.

3. Languages – Preference for multi-lingual across English, Mandarin and other Asia languages

What Will Put You Ahead

Key Virtues:

• Gathers information from various perspectives to assist in defining a problem or opportunity. Organize information to identify the difference between real opportunity and busy activity. Use diagnostic tools and skill to identify opportunities. Reaches a conclusion based on information available. [Knowledge - Analysis/ Fact Finding/ Decisiveness]

• Ability to leverage technology, try easier, more cost-effective ways to do the job. Actively seeks solutions to problems before being asked or directed by the management. Acts with appropriate level of urgency and stays focused with a task until it is completed. Collects extra information that might be useful for reports or meetings. Reviews with GP Recycling sales and marketing employees for seeking additional information to solve customer's problems. [Entrepreneurship - Initiative / Follow-up I Tenacity]

• Demonstrates good listening skills by seeking clarification, checking for understanding, and taking notes. Uses the information obtained from potential customers on subsequent conversations or as input to analysis. Uses information from others to improve a situation, personal job performance, or the performance of others. [Respect, Listening]

• Sets an example of high quality work to support GP customers. Strives for continuous sales for GP products. Performs duties in a compliant, safe manner and in accordance with GP core values [Compliance - Work Standards]

• When expressing ideas, speaks clearly, asks questions clearly. Presents ideas in a logical sequence. Communicates ideas in-group settings. Exhibits body language that adds to the audiences' focus. Uses vocabulary appropriate for the audience. Prepares materials and makes presentations to individuals or groups. [Oral Communication]

• Participates actively in the development of team goals and plans. Checks for agreement on goals, problem resolution and methods to accomplish both. Encourages participation of team members and listens to other's ideas. Maintains a friendly, personable approach. Interacts with customers/representatives of other organizations. [Teamwork - Impact]

• Ensures all written correspondence is error free, neat, and professional and uses correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Clearly states the purpose of letters or memos, and in a logical sequence, summarizes main points, provides explanations, examples, and background information where necessary, and provides strong conclusions or recommendations. Uses language and terminology with which the reader is familiar. [Written careful Communication]

This job posting is no longer active.

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