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Sr. Inspector

This job posting is no longer active.


What You Will Do In Your Role

  1.  Incoming inspection of raw materials and purchased parts, in-process/ finished product inspection, as well as the non-conformity control during these inspection processes. 原材料和采购零件的来料检查、过程检验、成品检验,以及这些过程中发生的不合格品控制。 
  2.  Familiar with cosmetic inspection and key dimension measurement skills. 熟练掌握产品的外观检验和重点尺寸的测量技巧。 
  3.  Responsible for the MSA execution and NPI/ECN products inspection and measurement. 负责测量系统分析的执行和新导入产品/变更产品的检验和测量。 
  4.  Responsible for the handling and feedback abnormal issues and quality issues during production, avoid quality issues of the batch. 负责及时处理和反馈生产中的异常和质量问题,杜绝批量的质量问题。 
  5.  Management of retained sample and inspection of retained samples. 留样的管理和留样检查。 
  6.  DHR file preparation/review and submission. 批记录的准备、审核和递交。 
  7.  Maintenance of the inspection data in IQMS/SAP. 在IQMS/SAP 上维护质量数据。 
  8.  Support QC leader to coach and manage QC team. 协助领班指导和管理QC团队。

The Experience You Will Bring


  1.  High school and above. 高中及以上学历。 
  2.  2 years working experiences as inspection related. 2年质量检验相关工作经验。 
  3.  Skilled in operation of measurement instruments, such as OGP, gauges, calipers etc. 熟练掌握测量设备,例如投影仪,各种量具及卡尺等。 
  4.  Basic computer uses skills. 基本的计算机能力。

What Will Put You Ahead

  1.  Knowledge in statistics and CMM is preferred. 具备统计方面和CMM测量的知识优先。 
  2.  English skill on document and mail reading is preferred. 在英文的文件上和邮件上有阅读能力优先。 
  3.  2 years working experiences as inspection related in molding or medical device manufacturing area and QC management is preferred. 2年注塑或医疗器械制造领域的质量检验相关工作经验和QC的管理经验优先。

This job posting is no longer active.

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