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Assistant Product costing specialist



Primary Purpose

New Product Development Quote, Cost Analysis, Investment Analysis, P&L Reports, R&D Cost 

What You Will Do In Your Role

  1. Prepare cost model (CBOM & One-pager) to support new products quotation and PARs;准备成本模型(CBOM&One pager),以支持新产品报价和PAR;
  2. Follow up and monitor the product cost tendency in different project phases; 跟踪和监控不同项目阶段的产品成本趋势;
  3. Support dept. head review & analyse cost for improvement & transfer & extension programs; 支持部门主管审查和分析改进、转移和扩展计划的成本;
  4. Analyse the “ROI” (Return on Investment) and provide the financial support for management decision.分析“ROI”(投资回报率),为管理决策提供财务支持。
  5. Cost and Profit report (such as “LGM Worse 10”, “Project Performance Report” etc.)成本和利润报告(如“LGM Worse 10”、“Project Performance report”等)
  6. Support BU R&D cost analysis. 支持BU研发成本分析
  7. Prepare the report using Microsoft tools; 使用Microsoft工具编写报告;
  8. Other tasks assigned by the manager 经理交办的其他工作

The Experience You Will Bring


  1. Background education on finance/accounting/related specialty. 财务/会计/相关专业背景教育。
  2. 3+ years accounting or data analysis experience in foreign company. 3年以上外企会计或数据分析经验。
  3. New graduates with excellent performance in logic and analysis are also considered. 逻辑和分析方面表现出色的新毕业生也被考虑。
  4. Strong analysis skills; 强大的分析技能;
  5. Familiar with Microsoft office, Excel, PPT, Power BI; 熟悉Microsoft office、Excel、PPT、Power BI;
  6. SAP is a must; SAP是必须的;
  7. Good English Language Skills. 良好的英语语言能力。

What Will Put You Ahead

  1. Bachelor degree major in finance/accounting is preferred. 财务/会计专业本科学历优先。
  2. Project management and quotation experience; 项目管理和报价经验;
  3. Costing analysis experience is plus. 有成本分析经验者优先。
  4. Good cross function communication skill. 良好的跨职能沟通技巧。
  5. Be good at chariness, responsible and self-motivate; 善于细心、负责和自我激励;
  6. Be good at the team cooperation spirit. 善于团队合作精神。 

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